You don't have to be a lifeguard to enjoy the incredible satisfaction of rescuing someone from drowning. At Narcosis, we teach commercial scuba diving courses for people just like you, who want to leave their office jobs behind and become a professional diver. Our courses are comprehensive, covering every aspect of diving you'll need to know to help others in distress—including how to recognize if they are having trouble breathing underwater, how to bring them up safely, and how to maintain air levels so you can perform CPR while the victim is still underwater.

We also cover the safety standards used by most large companies that employ divers. We know these standards because we keep up with the latest industry news and developments, so we can make sure that our students stay current on the issues that affect their careers.

Our courses are taught by experts in every field, from divers with years of experience in both casual and commercial settings to professionals in medicine and other fields who can help students understand everything about the human body that's important for underwater rescue situations.

Narcosis offers many commercial diving courses that span six categories.

Underwater Cutting and Welding

Welding is one of the main components of our training program. Students will learn wet-shielded metal-arc welding and underwater burning and then continue to develop and refine these skills through extensive practice. The underwater welding certification is part of the Commercial Dive Certification.


This course will include salvage theory, types of vessel salvage, and stability factors and buoyancy. Students will be instructed in dewatering methods, gas hazards, towing principles, cofferdams, and the use of lift bags.

Bridge Inspections

Students will be introduced to the proper nomenclature and bridge elements, how to evaluate damage, the various techniques for evaluating steel, concrete and timber substructures, and proper waterway evaluation based on the Bridge Inspector’s Reference Manual.

Underwater Projects

This course refines and integrates practical skills with scenarios designed to build and correlate with the functions of the diving industry. Students rotate through a variety of responsible positions while learning to think critically and to make decisions. This course includes flange assembly projects, buoyancy, and lifting projects.

Pipe Penetration

Resources are pumped through pipelines or transferred through filtration systems, which require divers to perform pipe inspections internally. This course will prepare students to effectively develop the safety skills required to operate safely in this environment while penetrating inside and outside a pipeline.

Offshore Oil Operations

The offshore commercial diving industry specializes in oil rig platforms and pipeline inspection, maintenance, and repair. In the course, students will be introduced to the nomenclature of the various types of offshore structures. Students will advance and refine skills while performing a pipeline flange assembly on our pipeline project.

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